Title: Manuscript Cartography by Exotic Settlers (original manuscript made into art)

On the Artwork

ON THE ARTWORK - Manuscript Cartography by Exotic Settlers

The splatter paint over the faded pencil asks about the depth of the viewer. The viewer who chooses to go further than the paint enters into the experimental cartographic space where the name for this piece derives. While the content of the writing is obscured by the splatter paint, to view past the paint engages the viewer in multiple art forms as they clash (overlap) and harmonize (reveal new patterns and phrasings).

The choice of blue and green represent the sky and earth, as they are defined by this peculiar impression of their “settlement,” on the page. The sky and earth being part of a “settlement” connotes an entire world being impressed over the original impression on the page (the writing).

While settlement is often perceived as a calculated and technical mark of progress, it is in this sense being re-defined as an improvised chaos of pure human expression through the spontaneous splatter onto the penciled words, which originated on the page independently of any painting idea.

The splatter paint, in effect, embodies the “settler,” and its multi-colored facet further emphasizes its exoticism against the subdued writing.

While both the writing and the paint are part of spontaneous, fully improvised art forms of pure expression, the piece asks to defy the viewer’s preconceived notions of settlers as plain and understood and more; asks who the viewer resonates with, the settler or immediately observable and colorful expression (paint) or the original impression on the page which requires a bit more effort to engage with (writing).

The themes embedded within the paint and the writing, however, are expressed equally spontaneously and share the same space, either harmoniously or not relative to the viewer’s opinion, which aims at not presupposing any superiority between expressions of origination and settlement.



Exotic Settlers charts the journey of experiencing the naturally transformative process of ending a period of transitional residence, and beginning to live in one place exclusively.

Questions of home, travel and what is foreign are approached creatively through a lens adjusted through self-reflection on these themes, which led to my own "settlement" within, as I have become more permanently resident in a specific place.

The transitional effect lingers psychologically whereby there are character archetypes and features of personal experience, which fade away and leave only a bitter nostalgia in their place, striking as a whiplash wound. This sensation is frequently common to those who stand their ground.

The concepts of the "settler" and normative stereotypes of the "exotic" are placed in abstract, sometimes jarring contexts as to displace fixed notions about any respective moral judgment.

The experimental verse goes through a process of intensified critique on our historic way of life as North American settlers and focuses this critique especially at our notions of the "other."

By the end of the collection, there is neither strict closure nor resolve about a permanent sense of home, only a greater awareness of perspective as it lies sometimes firmly, but mostly without any grasp on any actual "thing" on a ground of experimental, flowing, spontaneous expressions in language.

I remember Africa

A skeletal footprint
Awakening humanity

To Earth



4 Dreams

African man

Unknown age, possibly in 40s
Unmarried, jobless, refugee
From a civil war, torn country
From the Zaghawa/Bere ethnic group



Contemporary colonization
Through culture, art and methodology of peace
Homicidal ontology of absolute despair

The civil question
Night of man
Unfathomable Arabic mysteries

In the bullet eye blood of African societies
In the name of the fasting

Hypocritical, artless God of the survival instinct
Deserted maw of East and North African history
And the pure hand belittled by a pistol

Joyless meeting, religious treason or genetic betrayal
The border past time's wall
Swept against the curb

With dead donkeys and automotive corpses of the industrial European mind
And a pistol
Disarming the crazed, confused Jewish-Arab tongues of Ishmael and Solomon

And the Earth's Abrahamic-African children of prehistoric destiny
A fragment of the human family
Apparent in the trade of hands

Between the opposite living metaphor of a Chinese lover’s cry
Fallen to the ash of the Sudanese war
In the Cleopatra cigarette smile of an immoral, yet necessary fire

Of the mammal skin hearth
And booming emotional deities

Hidden in the slightly burned pages of the ongoing conquering
And suicidal rampaging of Mother Earth divine
Yet throughout brotherly and sisterly love prevails

Separation into the unfair glory of a broken now
Embittered jealousy and temptation
From the host of a brewing psychic sickness

Guarding the predawn
Monumental distance among the enchained
Battered souls of a deeply entrenched loss 

Convoluted, exponential falsification of death's human mask 
Still breathing
The attuned words of spiritual greed 

In the crescent boon of a perfect desert sleep
Involved within
An enclosed world all their own

The forgotten beauty of an intoxicating truth
Still relieves the air above with its tempting
Yet out of reach and petrified

Animalistic burden 
Feeding on the glow of the moon
The laughter of pagan lights streaks past the beyond 

In pairs of 3 and 9

We forever move.

In a small hillside village overlooking a lake, east of Puebla, Mexico.
December 6, 2010

selflessness is the father of human survival

a feathered ear
a hummed prayer            
                                                                                         soars without me

March 11, 2011
Overlooking the Bow River, Calgary

human life

Predicated on human life,
A delicacy, of what worth?

To live the most real dream
Inspired and enforced
To prepare a day and night

Ocean's curse
Praying in public, before the all-knowing
Tremendous falling
Into outer loves and inner minds
Born of hearts and wonders
Worrying and dying, striving and being

Yet still, to be amateur and go home
Not asking, to be known

From worldly youth
Our Hero admits to sex
Poverty, drink, the sleazy eye
That showered diseased genitalia and a hearse full of soot and pain

Roasted brains, coursing through the follicle greed of European spheres
Globalizing faintly in the Indian morning
Straining to see through elderly eyes

We weep for the names called over loudspeaker telephones
In the hands of the rich nations
Whose pour flushes the Earth
Into shit-eating hands

In the South, we wade
Through animals deprived of light
A sound
Sleepy, divine

Beautiful as a lover
Pure to the touch
Tempting you into the gridless beyond

Oil, lust, razor-sharp industry
Gas, rust and infamously insecure agro-business
Painstakingly counting lives over lunch
And reasoning out the meat, seed, and art

Instinctively, as if by intuition, it was needed
To prepare, when given the authority
For a mass death
A social trainwreck urge
To burn all
And leave the Earth free of our collective stain

Whose eyes tear weakly
Apart from national hope
And escape into the childless mourning of women
Jobless & domesticated

Post-war journeys
Becoming grim
Tricksters in the chariot fire of the Mosaic Canadian West

Classical, neo-fusion of human culture
Biologically fashioned to swipe the earth dry
From under their ancestor's feet
And leave civil rest to the Aboriginal few
Who linger and face the death of many

At every doorstep
Hooded, unnamed, unseen
We share our immigrant happiness
With the seldom

Who knew?

Chinatown Calgary
February, 2011

boiling over with truth

Mastery and youth
Bombshells breeding
Spit and drool over white

Lies preparing to sodomize the black nation
For its ultimate demise and scheming plight

Remembered from the European refugee law
That answers in mundane instances
Under the watchful eye of a tea slack Jaw

The Holden spy, dreaming in literary junk
Slavery for a wink into Sudanese arag bouts
In the desert city morning

Pith and poor
Angered minds
Blockading the frequent unfair toss out
From repatriating exile
Into the aftermath of Egyptian shari'a

Who numbs the pride of his tombstone children
With numbers to awe

Mediums dress over worldwide rage
As local prophet magicians in the New South pray
For rain to drop into a new continent
For the last time
March 7, 2011
Chinatown Calgary